Adorable Adele: FIV+ but Healthy and Beautiful

This pet profile is courtesy of the Burlington County Animal Shelter.


Hi, I'm Adele. I'm an extremely sweet little 4- to 5-year-old calico girl who's just looking for a place to call home. I am very social and outgoing, and I'm happy to be petted by anybody.

I'm a pretty mellow cat and am not startled by much. I love to relax by a window and just be in good company. I am very loving and affectionate. I'd really like to meet you.

Adele has tested positive for FIV (Feline AIDS). Please don't let her FIV+ status scare you. She is a healthy kitty and should live a normal life. FIV is NOT as serious a condition like AIDS in humans nor is it the same virus. It CANNOT be transmitted to humans or dogs. 

FIV+ cats can live long, happy and healthy lives without medical intervention. There is a small chance that FIV can be transmitted to other cats, but only through blood or saliva, such as with a deep puncture bite.

FIV+ cats are more difficult to find homes for because people are intimidated by this condition, but we encourage you to talk to your vet about FIV to see if your home is right for this cat.

Refer to my ID number C-51793 when you contact the shelter at 609-265-5073. I hope you'll consider taking me home. 

Adele is a member of our Purrfect Perks Program. When you adopt her, you will receive a kitty goodie bag donated by a volunteer with the Friends of the Burlington County Animal Shelter.

Adoption fees are waived for county employees, country resident seniors and military personnel. 


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