Arnie Asks 'Can You Come Play?'

This pet profile is courtesy of the Burlington County Animal Shelter.

Arnie will not stop ever, until you are happy. Arnie is between 1 and 2 years old and weighs about 55 lbs. Our volunteers really like him, reporting that he is a very nice dog, friendly and playful. 

He's still got lots of puppy energy, but burns that off quickly, and then calms down and responds to training. Consistency is the key with young dogs like Arnie, who wants to please and just needs someone to explain to him the basics of good behavior. 

He's a bit too bouncy for young children but older kids would be fine. If you like fun, and have some time for a bit of training, Arnie is up for whatever you would like to do. Come see if Arnie is a fit for your household.

Refer to his number D-48826 when contacting the shelter at 609-265-5073.


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