Abandoned Cinnaminson Properties Could Get TLC

Two buildings could be added to the town's abandoned properties list under a township ordinance.

Cinnaminson Township officials want to name two blighted township locations to the abandoned properties list, which could give the town the power to improve their looks.

The old Mobil gas station on Willow Drive and Route 130 has been abandoned for nearly 10 years, said Deputy Mayor Anthony Minniti, who also serves as the director of economic development.  The owner of the abandoned property has been keeping up with paying taxes according to online records but no work has been done to the building.

“We’re going to look and see if that property will fit into the [abandoned properties] ordinance,” said Minniti, “and what the cost associated with it is—and see if it’s worth going in there and clearing it and making it a clean corner.”

The former gas station sits at the entrance to Mainline II, which saw close last year. Part of the property backs up to residential homes on Lilac Lane.

During discussion of the issue at Monday’s township committee work session meeting, officials decided to add the old Triboro site on Route 130 into the mix.

Committeeman Ben Young called that blighted property “the gateway” to town; it sits right near the borer of Delran and Cinnaminson.

The agreement by township officials gives Acting Administrator George Haueber and Zoning Officer John Marshall the power to look into the properties and contact the owners if necessary.

“This begins a process to motivate the owners,” Minniti said.

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John July 18, 2012 at 06:34 PM
sounds like we have a lawyer stating facts, but he misses the point...property values are going down, taxes are going up and the banks own the vacant houses and who pays the taxes....I have a vacant house thats been vacant for over 3 years and there is no forsale sign on it, the property lawn does not get cut regularly and the property is falling apart, the fense is not broken, the back porch had a tree fall on it and what is going to happen to this property.....the township charges 250.00 to cut the lawn, the township people ride around giving out paper on tree branches and yard clippings being out at the curb before the pick up date by our people but they never come on time, they are always early so why have a date set....oh well the government works that way....maybe he can quote a ordanance on that one....
John July 18, 2012 at 11:02 PM
to joepa75, my comments were made to the fact that you did your homework on the subject nothing else....the properties being commercial in nature are classified ratables therefore part of the tax base.....if they are to be taken off the books who is going to make up the tax difference U and the other taxpayers in cinnaminson.....I also am under the impression that b/c the value of houses are going down but are taxes are going up does not compute in my oppinion.....our taxes are based on the value of the house and property but if they do not address the market conditions we are lost in a tax hole.....how it this any better....still the houses being vacant with no one paying taxes is wrong....


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