For Sale on Patch: Clown Bust, Sailboat, Designer Sunglasses

Also selling on the Buy/Sell/Trade Boards: a leather jacket, scaffolding equipment, Persian rug, electric guitar, sailboat and trailer.

Patch reader Staci M. is selling a hand-painted "CYBIS" clown bust.
Patch reader Staci M. is selling a hand-painted "CYBIS" clown bust.
Written by Christina Johnson

Patch's busy Buy-Sell-Trade announcement board is a free online marketplace for local people to buy, sell and trade items online. 

Want to post something you want to sell? Just click on that prominent green POST button on the Cinnaminson Patch front page to upload a photo and price. Items with photos get featured here in our weekend round-up. 

And please, don't skip size information! Potential buyers will need to know if your offer is a good fit.

Keep an eye on your listing to answer questions other readers may have. 


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