Cinnaminson Musician Gets New Fans—Thousands, Actually

Zack Hanni—known as Somaaa—performed at a major music festival last weekend.

People in Bowling Green, KY, now know who Cinnaminson’s Zack Hanni is.

But they know him as Somaaa—an electronic artist who won a remix contest sponsored by rock band Cage the Elephant. Somaaa performed Friday at the Starry Nights Festival sponsored by the band.

“For the next few days,” Hanni said, “people would recognize me. I was really surprised.”

Hanni entered and won a remix contest where the grand prize was performing in front of thousands of people at Cage the Elephant’s Starry Nights Festival in Kentucky. Hanni, as Somaaa, was the grand prize winner and got a 45-minute set last Friday.

“It went really well,” Hanni said. “There were some mistakes on stage as far as my computer messing up—but people didn’t really notice.”

Hanni’s stage show was full too complete with hula-hoop dancers he met 20 minutes before he took the stage.

Before and after the show, he rubbed elbows with some bands that were also on the bill. He also met fans afterward.

“Everyone was just so pumped up,” he said. “Everyone was really excited and it really pumped me up too.”

Hanni signed some autographs, sold merchandise and answered questions to his new fans.

“A lot of people just crowded around and wanted to talk to me,” he said.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the Cinnaminson native—he released two albums-worth of music available for purchase or free download.

He’s working on getting more shows booked in the Murfreesboro, Tenn. area where he goes to college and studies recording.

“When I go back to New Jersey,” he said, “I have a few things lined up already.”

To see some of Somaaa's music, check out the Facebook page. You can download Somaaa's 23 free songs here.

And while you're at it, you can "like" Cinnaminson Patch on Facebook here.


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