House Hunt: Renovated Cinnaminson Home for Sale

Check out these for-sale homes in Cinnaminson and Moorestown.

In this week's House Hunt, we feature two Cinnaminson homes and two Moorestown homes. 

John August 16, 2012 at 05:34 PM
House hunt is great, there are ALOT of houses for sale in cinnaminson and ALOT are vacant, in the hands of the banks.....WHY would someone buy a house that has an assessed value of 50,000 more than its worth.....someone please tell me an answer to that question......we pay our taxes based on an appraised market value and the value of our homes have gone down down and we still pay the assessed value of the house which is not CORRECT.....I guess I have to go back to school and take advantage of the NEW MATH.....From what I have been reading Burlington county has reduced there rates but why in the world does cinnaminson and the other's INCREASE there assessed values on HIGH PRICES not the true market value.....If I own a house thats assessed at 288,000 and the market price on the house is 225,000 why do I to pay the assessed value of 288,000. Taxes stink
Bowtie August 18, 2012 at 02:22 AM
I couldnt agree more. When i refinanced, the appraisal was 30,000 less than the assesed value. Its a long process to get the assesed value lowered. Stinks


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