Holiday Hostess Gifts

Wondering what to bring to your next holiday party? Me too! Here are some ideas.

What should I bring to the party for the hosts? This is a question I ask myself before every party we go to. I usually opt for a bottle of wine because it’s easy and most people like to serve it and drink it.

Did you bake any cookies yet? Baked goods are a perfect hostess gift during the holiday season. I haven’t baked yet this year but when I do, I will definitely be packing cookies wherever we go. One year, I picked up a bunch of reasonably priced holiday dishes so I could make pretty platters of cookies to give to friends who had us over for parties.

I often give chocolates too. I love the Hershey’s Pot of Gold box of chocolates. You can buy it at the supermarket and it’s a little fancier than normal candy bars. Of course, it is nice to present gourmet candy as well. in Cinnaminson has delicious candy and some of the cutest items. Holiday dishes, baskets and boxes are all ready to go, decorated and filled with the good stuff.

One year, I got a little crazy, and instead of picking up wine to give our friends when visiting, I found this really cool Snowman cookie jar that was filled with sugar cookies at BJ’s. They loved it and still talk about it years later.

I was at Target today before writing this and their holiday section is jam-packed with unique gifts perfect for your favorite host or hostess. They have drink mixers, fondue sets, hot chocolate and cookie mixes, coffee and tea gifts, and all kinds of candy. I could spend hours browsing in that section.

Rachael Ray’s friends, Giada and Emeril, and some other famous chefs had some ideas during a Thanksgiving show I caught a few weeks back. Emeril said he usually brings wine and flowers. Giada suggested giving a cookbook and making one of the recipes from the book for the hostess. The other chef suggested a bottle of fancy cooking oil. His logic was that people don’t normally buy higher end olive oil when they are shopping for themselves. I can attest to that; I usually buy what is on sale.

We used to have a holiday party every year and I received some gifts that I enjoyed and still have. The first year in our house, someone gave us a new home ornament which we hang on our tree every year. Another friend gave us a village house that lights up. I still decorate with that each year and think of her.

It’s always nice to show appreciation with a small gift for the hostess. Flowers, candles, serving dishes, ornaments, decorations and various types of food and drink are usually smart choices for hostess holiday gifts.

You never know, your thoughtful gift may wind up being something they take out every year at Christmas time and think of you.

Happy holiday partying! Be safe and smart when out and about.


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