Cinnaminson, Riverton, Palmyra Clean Up After Irene

The Devon Road bridge may have structure damage.

Even though parts of Cinnaminson are still dealing with , for the most part, the township “dodged a bullet,” according to Public Safety Director Michael P. King.

“I can’t say enough how all the entities worked well together,” King said.

, , , emergency management and more . Officials from Palmyra and Riverton were also included.

The main issues the township is dealing with are the small bridge on Devon Road, north of Arbor Road. There may be structure damage and an inspector will further investigate the area. For now, the bridge is closed to through-traffic.

Cherry Lane, between Orchard and Shewsbury roads, is also experiencing damage as part of the roadway washed away during the storm.

“Those two areas are going to be a primary concern and probably won’t be back in operation very quickly,” said King.

Eyes are also being kept on the . There was some tidal flooding, King said, but by Tuesday, it should recede well enough.

However, since there was a lot of rain from Irene to the North of us, water will rush downstream in the Delaware.

“Public works and the sewage authority did an excellent job making sure storm drains were clear,” King said.

Officials in those departments went around the township prior to Irene to make sure drains were clear since backup was inevitable.

“If they didn’t put all that effort in pre-storm,” King said, “it would have been 10 times worse.”

King also gave credit to firefighters who responded to a basement in the section.

“For being 36 hours post-storm,” King said, “we’re in pretty good shape.”

Officials from the boroughs of Palmyra and Riverton also said the damage wasn’t as bad as expected.

“We’re concentrating on the streets right now,” said Scott Reed, director of public works for Riverton.

Heavy debris washed up on the banks of the Delaware along Bank Avenue in Riverton and Reed said his department will clean up the areas that are township property but homeowners are encouraged to clean up their areas, rather than pushing it back into the river.

Downed trees were reported on Main Street, Cedar, Harrison and Linden—Reed said the borough is waiting for public service to deal with the wire situation so the trees can be cleared out.

Palmyra Police Chief Scott Pearlman is still catching up on incident reports from the weekend, but said there weren’t too many problems in the borough.

“We lucked out with flooding,” said Pearlman. “The only flooding issues we had were along Route 73, which is a norm, and a few other major roads in town. But, we have no flooding issues as of right now.”

Did your home experience water damage, downed trees, power outages or more? Let us know! E-mail christina.paciolla@patch.com.

FbS August 29, 2011 at 10:32 PM
Cinnaminson did a wonderful job with the storm.. great job guys
Jane August 29, 2011 at 11:26 PM
Cinnaminson handled everything great. Glad to be living in this town! Our power was out and PSEG wasn't as helpful as I thought they should have been. But I was understanding, considering the situation were in.
Nancy VanTwistern August 30, 2011 at 01:30 PM
Patroling the streets before to remove trash surely kept our drains from clogging... good job!!


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