Prosecutors: Try Teens Charged in Autumn Pasquale's Murder as Adults

The Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office will ask a judge to waive the brothers to adult court.

Prosecutors want to try two teenage brothers as adults in the slaying of a 12-year-old Clayton girl. 

The Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office announced Thursday it will file a motion in the Family Division of state Superior Court in Woodbury asking a judge to waive the brothers, ages 15 and 17, to adult court, where they would face more serious punishment if convicted.

The are charged with murder in the slaying of Autumn Pasquale, a Clayton, Gloucester County girl whose body was found Oct. 22 in a recycling bin.  

Prosecutors alleged the brothers lured the girl into their home with the promise of parts for her BMX Odyssey bicycle, which she had been riding when she left her West High Street home around 12:30 on Oct. 20, and then strangled her. Prosecutors have not released a motive for the slaying, nor have they identified the brothers because of their ages. 

However, they have been widely identified elsewhere as Justin Robinson, 15, and Dante Robinson, 17, both Clayton residents. 

They are being held separately at the Camden County Juvenile Detention Center at Lakeland in Gloucester Township. 

Once the prosecutor's application is filed, it will be heard by Superior Court Judge Colleen A. Maier. 

“It is the state’s position, based upon the gravity of the juveniles actions in causing the death of Autumn Pasquale, that these cases should be heard in adult court,” said Gloucester County Prosecutor Sean F. Dalton.

In addition to murder, the brothers also are charged with conspiracy to commit murder, illegally disposing of a body, tampering with evidence, and theft. Justin Robinson also is charged with luring. 

If they're convicted as adults of Pasquale's murder, the brother would a face a minimum sentence of 30 years in state prison without parole.  

Michael November 02, 2012 at 04:03 PM
First, how do you know I'm white? Second, I was being facetious, as we all know that if it were 2 white teenage boys who killed a 12 year old Arfcan American girl, Rev Al would be all over it. We don't have to be white or black or hispanic to realize that.
Dibba November 02, 2012 at 04:06 PM
Rev Al is an advocate for african americans,not white people. Perhaps one of you could take up the mantle and become the Rev Al for white people.
Lee Rivera November 02, 2012 at 04:36 PM
You're absolutely right Mike but you won't see Rev Al sticking up for the little girl's rights to get justice. If the boys were the ones murdered, he would be ALL over this case like white on rice, no pun intended. He would be an overnight best friend of the family and everything! Oh wait that's only with rich people's families.
Michael November 02, 2012 at 06:03 PM
@Dibba, I thought racial equality was color blind. Also, Rev Al is not an advocate for the african american community, he is an ambulance chaser that makes himself rich by playing the race card anytime there is a tragedy that involves an african american. Big difference.
denise hampton January 16, 2013 at 11:45 AM
You guys talking about if it were an african american girl to get killed Rev Al Sharpton would be there but when African American lil girls are abducted killed raped it barely makes the news. Face reality. Perfect example is the lil 10 year old in Vegas missing 5 days before they even formed a search party.


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