Cinnaminson Township Makes 2013 Appointments

The township's newly formed senior citizen committee was named.


Cinnaminson's 153rd reorganization meeting was held Monday evening. Ben Young was sworn in as mayor. Anthony Minniti was sworn in as deputy mayor. To read about that, click here.

The following appointments were made at the meeting for 2013:

John C. Gillespie—Township Solicitor

Ronald C. Morgan—Special Counsel for Affordable Housing and Land Use Related Matters

Liaison to Burlington County Community Development Block Grant Executive Board—William “Ben” Young

Tax Collector; Tax Search Clerk—Sandra J. Root 

Deputy Tax Collector—Julia Edmondson

Township Administrator—Frank Locantore

CFO—Dawn Emmons

Township Clerk and Registrar of Vital Statistics—Pamela McCartney

Deputy Township Clerk; Deputy Registrar of Vital Statistics—Lisa A. Passione

Domestic Animal Registrar—Lisa A. Passione

Municipal Improvement Search Clerk—Pamela McCartney

Public Defender—James D. Fattorini and Christopher Baxter as alternate

Designates Prosecutor—Daniel Gee

Affirmative Action Officer—Pamela McCartney

Insurance Management Appointment—Property & Casualty

Insurance Consultant—John M. Hanuscin of Fairways Insurance Services, Inc.

Appoints Auditor—Eugene Eliase, CPA, RMA of St. Clair CPAs

Appointment of Bond Counsel—Capehart & Scatchard

Appointment; Conflict Attorney—Kris Hadenger of Mason Griffin

Appointment; Planning Consultant—Barbara Fegley of ERI Consultants

Appointment of Labor Counsel—Joseph Betley, Esq. of Capehart and Scatchard                                                                        

Appoints Employee Benefits Insurance Broker—James A. Bristow-Blue Cross/Blue Shield dental and standard life ins

Appoint Township Physician—Cinnaminson Family Practice   

Site Plan Inspectors—Remington, and Vernick, Pennoni Associates and  Alaimo Associates, terms to expire 12/31/2013

Deputy Emergency Management Coordinators for one-year terms—Director Michael King, Ben Young, Fred Rodi, Ira Schoenfeld, Carl Goodfellow, Peter R. Galosi, and Chief Douglas Wickizer, Frederick Turek, Harry Smith and Chief William Kramer terms to expire 12/31/2013     

Consumer Affairs Officer—Renee Borstead, Burlington County Consumer Affairs Office

Route 130 Advisory Committee—Frank Locantore

Planning Board Class III Member of Township Committee—Kathleen Fitzpatrick, term to expire 12/31/13

Zoning Board of Adjustment—1- four year term- John Bednarek term to expire 12/31/2016; 1 – filling unexpired four-year term; Brian Callahan term to expire 12/31/2013. Atl. #1 two year term; Jay Conway term to expire 12/31/14; Alt # 2 one year term; Roger Hare term to expire 12/31/13.

Human Relations Council—three-year terms; Rev. William Walz, Rabbi Steven Fineblum, Rev. Alan Jackson, Rev. John Doll, Fr. P.J. Alindogan - terms to expire 12/31/15

Appointments by the Mayor—Planning Board  

Class I—Mayor William “Ben” Young

Class II—Fred Turek; Township Official;term to expire 12/31/2013

Class IV—Marja Galas term to expire 12/31/16 

Sandra Iaquinto filling unexpired term, Term to expire 12/31/13

Alternate #1: Christina Patrick term to expire 12/31/14

Mayor’s Open Space Committee—One-year term, Terms to expire 12/31/13, Mariette O’Malley, Barbara Jordan, William Ben Young, and Ellie Hoffmeier

Mayor’s Advisory Ad Hoc Senior Citizen Committee—Grace Campbell, Nancy Carr, Connie Young, Stanley Thomas, Geri Dietrich, Joan Kane and Al Bates

Parks and Recreation—Donald Brauckmann, term to expire 12/31/13, Paul Hoyt and Debra Wojcik, terms to expire 12/31/2015

Sewer Authority—1-five year term Richard C. Strobel, term to expire 1/31/18


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