Officials: Cinnaminson Tax Bills Will Go Out Soon

The township had to wait for the county to adopt its budget—which happened Wednesday night.

The county budget was adopted Wednesday night, which means once the tax rate is struck for Burlington County towns, tax bills can go out to the residents of Cinnaminson.

Due to the delay of the sale of Buttonwood Hospital—which was finalized just last week, according to Phillyburbs.com—the final budget vote was pushed back, too.

“Our goal is to have it mailed out by Friday,” said Charlene Webster, county spokesperson, of each town’s final tax rate. “The towns should get it by Monday.”

Sandra Root, Cinnaminson’s tax collector, said tax bills would be prepared when the tax rate is known. After bills are mailed out, residents have 25 days to pay their taxes. However, the Aug. 1 deadline still stands—there’s just an extended grace period.

“From that point,” Root said Wednesday, “if people come in a day after the grace period, the interest charged goes back to Aug. 1”

That information, Root said, will be stated on the tax bills.

There are a few ways to pay your tax bill this year and online payment is becoming more popular. is still available however paying online or directly debiting from a checking account is gaining popularity.

Residents can visit this site and add in their property information to pay their taxes online.

There is also a form (attached to the right) residents can fill out and hand into the tax collector’s office with a voided check to start directly debiting their accounts every time taxes are due.

“We probably have 100 people or so who are doing it that way,” Root said. “Just remember—if you sell your property, they need to let us know to discontinue charging that account.”

Root just wants to let residents know the tax rate information is out of the township’s control at this point.

“Just be patient,” Root said, “We’re going to have the bills out to people just as quickly as we can.”

John August 23, 2012 at 05:57 PM
Oh boy, they are late with the tax information, the banks who have the escrow will be late getting the information but thats ok, we have a grace period but if your late its going to go back to AUG 1 that stinks.....how about the tax payers charging a late fee why not, oh thats right the government has it all, over assessing the value of a house, charging more than its really worth, thats good, having the public works dept serving summons for putting out leaves and branches before the day of pick up and they are always a week ahead of schedule.....WOW, thats good...whats next giving another car to who wants one.....
Richard August 23, 2012 at 09:56 PM
Once again Cinnaminson government totally out of youch with reality!!!
Billy Pilgrim August 24, 2012 at 12:25 AM
How do you figure this is unfair or out of line? Tax bills have been due the 1st of Aug and late after the 10th for a while. Most people should have the amount as if you already made that payment. If anything, that money might have been gaining (a laughably small amount of) interest in the bank Yes, the tax bills aren't out yet, but that doesn't mean the rest of the years' tax bills will get shuffled around either. Next quarters' will be due the same day. Otherwise there would never be any consistency in tax bills. I'm not one to believe the Twp is a totally blameless and perfect thing. But on this one, I think they're more than fair.
John August 24, 2012 at 05:50 PM
Oh yea, sounds like your a politician....alot of people have an escrow account and they do not pay there taxes the bank do and if they are late then why is the taxpayer guilty of not paying there taxes.....Now lets see if they are due on Aug 1 and they are not mailed out till the 26th and U pay them late the interest charge goes back to the 1st.....sounds like a credit card scam.....now lets see how much of the reduction cinnaminson gives us from burlington county, I would say are taxes go up what do UUUUUU say......the only consistency in tax bills is the OVERVALUED assessment, I would guess its about 50,000 over the market value of each house.....
Billy Pilgrim August 24, 2012 at 06:34 PM
Hi John, I am very far a politician. But I don't see how you can be angry that this is happening. If your taxes are involved in your mortgage and you are concerned about the payment being made on time, I would assume that a phone call or two would take care of that matter. It is your money and your property, I would (possibly will) do the exact same thing. I don't see it as a scam. It just is the way that it is being handled. As far as being overvalued, every April (ish) I appeal my market value. It's a cheap fee, a trip to Mt. Holly, and every year, I've had some success. Some years more than others. This years was very much worth it. We do agree in being interested in seeing how the savings will be passed along. I am interested in seeing whether we will see the benefit. On top of that, I'd be interested in seeing how the county managed to cut those costs, and if the Twp can take their lead from the County. I read here in Patch that the costs came from salary freezes, increased health care costs paid by employees, and outsourcing transportation. I am sure that it is not an easy pill to swallow for those effected. They are public servants however, and should not be the public's cross to bear.
John August 24, 2012 at 08:42 PM
Hello Billy, it does not make sense to me how some things can get done in this township and the county can reduce there tax rates according to them......Why do U have to go to Mr Holly to appeal your house value....and then U have to pay a fee....why do U have to do that.....I think the assessor should be able to get the job done without having someone do his job for him....also, how can an item like a car for a person be not seen at a meeting for a budget.....I think it does not make sense that the late fees will be pushed back to Aug 1 when its not the peoples fault that there bills are late....just my oppinion, sorry to get U upset....
Christina Paciolla (Editor) August 24, 2012 at 08:46 PM
John, I'm not sure you understand. The bills are late coming out but there is still the grace period to pay it—the same period you would get normally. The due date has not changed so the only difference is if you're late, the late fee goes back to Aug. 1.
Billy Pilgrim August 24, 2012 at 09:24 PM
Thanks Christina. Well said. John, it seems bizarre that on one hand you don't seem to trust the government to do much of anything, yet on the other, you think the assessor should be left to do his job without any checks and balances. The assessment of home value is done by the county. When "U" appeal, the homeowner squares off against the township in Mt. Holly. A fight on neutral ground. The only person that truly looks out for "U" is you. If you don't think your home is assessed fairly, fight it. If you think you are going to be unfairly assessed a late fee because you are hypothetically late on your taxes, double check with your mortgage company. I'm not upset with you, don't sweat that. I think that certain government officials are dishonest at best. I also feel certain things the government does are very irresponsible with taxpayer money and show a profound disconnect with the very people they are elected/entrusted to serve. The thing is though, the government does a lot of great things and are full of wonderful caring people too.
John August 24, 2012 at 11:36 PM
I do not know how this is getting blown out of the question, my only concern is that if the township sends out the statements on monday and we have a grace period U should only get charged for the grace period from when they printed the statement not going back to Aug 1 for the interest....thats wrong, and just to help you out I did go to cinnaminson's tax accessor for a re evaluation on the value of the house I had to b/c my wife just died and the value was not right thanks
Ric August 25, 2012 at 01:22 AM
Christina, I know you are a very professional journalist but I do not think you are savvy in business. Late fees and interest are always calculated from the day of invoicing not the day the biller was supposed to bill you. In plain words, as a biller it is your responsibility, and not you client’s, to get your invoices out as quickly as possible. If you are an inefficient biller then you lose the interest the money could have earned. So Cinnaminson has no right to charge late fees before it send out its bills. If you do not believe me, then ask another business person. The delay in billing is not the client’s (taxpayer’s) fault but is government’s fault. Perhaps Cinnaminson’s leaders should realize government too is a business and conduct itself as a business. That would be welcome and remarkable for this town.
Ric August 25, 2012 at 01:33 AM
John. I am very sorry for your loss. My best to you and your family. And you are right on the grace period as I stated above.
John August 26, 2012 at 11:20 PM
Thanks Ric, I think its only common sense that the interest rate should only go back to the printed date not Aug 1 but who are we, not really anyone in charge....I still do not like the assessed value being OVER market value.....watch out Burlington county dropped the rate but I bet cinnaminson's WILL GO UP.....the joy of living here....


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