Today: Riverton Rd. Roundabout Meeting

Residents can ask questions about the county project slated for Riverton Road.

County engineers will be on hand Wednesday afternoon during a public information session for residents on the .

“We’re pretty sensitive to the neighbors in this project,” said Ralph Shrom, spokesman for Burlington County. “We’re hoping we can quell some fears about this.”

County officials are proposing a modern roundabout similar to the one on Cinnaminson Avenue near . However, this roundabout would be one lane.

It’s slated for the intersection of Riverton Road, Branch Pike and Parry Road, .

“You’re taking three intersections that are tightly compressed and creating a four-spoke roundabout,” Shrom said.

County officials presented the plan to township committee in January but final approval lies with the freeholders; Riverton Road is a county road.

During that presentation, county officials said they’ve been studying the intersection for more than a decade. If the intersection is left as is, they concluded, traffic and accidents there will never improve.

Modern roundabouts, which are not circles, according to county engineers, show a 35 percent reduction in crashes, a reduction in congestion and are more cost-effective over traffic signals.

“This isn’t the Airport Circle reborn,” Shrom said. “Statistically, and realistically, roundabouts, especially small ones like this, create a traffic-calming effect and yet at the same time, help facilitate flow.”

The plan does involve some property acquisition but details were not available. During the January presentation, officials said some sidewalks or driveways in the area may be affected.

Shrom said the design engineer would also be present at Wednesday’s meeting so residents can ask specific questions about the project.

The public information session will be held from 4 to 7 p.m.,  Wednesday, June 6, at the .

Phil June 07, 2012 at 01:38 PM
Larry, the problem with the study Dr. 08057 showed is it is referencing multi-lane circles which when they are a single-lane, are termed roundabouts and much, much smaller. The ones at the Shoppes are probably in between the roundabout designation and the circle one, but I do believe they were necessary to save D&D and the church.
Phil June 07, 2012 at 01:40 PM
Cherry Hill put speed bumps in on a number of roads and it ended up being taken out because the plows destroyed them or the plows were destroyed when they hit them. Emergency Vehicles also do not like them and many depts (not saying ours) have objected to them being placed on arterial roads like Brach/Riverton/Parry are.
Alyson P Merget June 07, 2012 at 03:35 PM
Dr 08057, You seem awful gung ho about this idea. But isn't this an "08077" matter? What have you got to gain by this circle? Just wondering.
Dr. 08057 June 07, 2012 at 04:54 PM
Alison, Respectfully, since this county route is on many people’s daily commute including mine, I think this is a little more than just a 08077 issue. I also have firsthand experience of using single lane roundabouts , especially out Midwest so I wanted to offer some perspective on how typical your type of negative response is but how over time, favorability actually sets in. Finally, as a health care professional, I have attended many seminars on vehicular trauma and several on the benefits highway engineering and safety enhancements like single lane roundabouts have on minimizing trauma and injuries to both pedestrians and vehicle occupants. I was just trying to offer some useful knowledge but to answer your question; I personally have nothing to gain if a roundabout goes here or it doesn’t. What we all have to gain is safer roadways.
Alyson P Merget June 07, 2012 at 06:12 PM
Also with respect, drivers in the Midwest must know more about driving in these circles than the ones in NJ. All I can refer to is the experiences I have had here in NJ and my experience has been that those things are just accidents waiting to happen. Either people don't know how to maneuver them properly or they just don't care. Like I said earlier, if I can avoid the one on Cinna Ave - I do, even if it takes me out of my way. I'd rather get home safely than get hit by some knucklehead trying to make a left into Dominos from the Rte 130 side, which I have seen on three seperate occassions! Or by the driver who thinks its all one lane and he/she can turn right into Shop Rite from the inside lane, which I have seen more times than I can count. That circle has been here long enough for all of us to know how to use! It just doesn't work... at least not here...IMHO.


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