Class of 2012: A Girl Scout Gold Award Winner and a Ship Captain Hopeful

This weekend, Cinnaminson Patch will take a look at some graduating seniors.

 Class of 2012 will graduate Monday night. . 

Cinnaminson Patch asked some notable graduates a few questions about their time at CHS and what they are planning to do after graduation. Amanda Weiler, earned her Girl Scout Gold Award at CHS and will be going to the University of Delaware for an honors program.

Austin Neuman was a driving force behind Project X, a one-take music video shot with the entire school. An avid sailer, he's starting at the United Sates Merchant Marine Academy in just a few weeks. Learn more about them here. 

Amanda Weiler

Accomplishments at CHS:  "Principal's List all four years, Hall of Fame recipient, Class Historian for 3 years, Editor-in-Chief of Ship's Log, Earned my Girl Scout Gold Award at CHS for 80+ hours of service, Social Studies Award all four years, Student of the Month recipient, People's Choice Award recipient, Assisted with Middle States."

After graduation plans: "I will be attending the University of Delaware, Honors Program in the fall pursuing a major in Education."
Interesting Story: "I have been a Girl Scout for 13 years and have earned my Bronze and Silver Awards. Now, after more than 80 hours of work, I have earned my Girl Scout Gold Award at CHS. CHS teacher, Mr. Becker, was my mentor for the project entitled "Where Were You When?" My project consisted of 3 parts: developing an oral history unit for the social studies department to be used in future years, planning, developing, and presenting an assembly on the tenth anniversary of 9/11 to the school community, and erecting a new flag pole and adorning the area with shrubbery/plants in the front of the school. I started the project at the end of my junior year, about April/May and had to receive approval from Girl Scout Council before I could begin officially. I did most of the work last summer, as 9/11 was within the first two weeks of school. Throughout the school year, I planted,weeded, and maintained the area around the flag pole. I officially received my Gold Award last weekend at a ceremony in Plainsboro, NJ. It is the highest award possible for Girl Scouts, equivalent to the Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts."
Best Memory: "Sophomore trip to Gettysburg and witnessing everything we read in The Killer Angels come to life. Also, the first night of Senior Trip: the mixture of excitement and exhaustion. As Senior Class Historian, I assisted with the football concession stand at home football games this past year. This is definitely one of my favorite memories. Although hectic and crazy at times, I had a lot of fun working with my advisors and classmates while also cheering on my team. We had many laughs and I looked forward to Friday night games at home. I also enjoyed going to the Haddonfield playoff game with friends and attending the Thanksgiving day game against Delran with one of my best friends. I hope to make it a tradition."


Austin Neuman

Accomplishments at CHS: "Throughout my years at CHS, I've been involved in many clubs, sports and activities. The highlights for me were Interact President, Co-stage crew manager and 2nd team Patriot Division Pole Vault but my proudest moment was the success of Project X. My cousin, Rachel Ungvarsky and I had been talking about the possibility of a one-take video since junior year. Thanks to Mr. Wilson's faith in us, the support of the administration, our fellow TV production class and the entire student and teacher body, we were able to make a reality."

Plans after graduation: "On July 5, I will report to the United Sates Merchant Marine Academy to begin my college career. At Kings Point, I will sail on the intercollegiate Dinghy team. My thoughts of attending a service academy began in 8th grade. I worked with the local Blue and Gold Officer, Mr. Moyer, for the past couple years to help me achieve my goal. I met at the Moyer's house every Sunday night for a year with other local Academy hopefuls to review math and English problems in preparation for the SATs. I believe my leadership as Interact President was a valuable asset in preparation as well. This past fall I successfully passed the USMMA academic, medical, physical requirements and just before Christmas I received a nomination to both USMMA and USNA from Congressman Runyan. I plan to study Marine Transportation in hopes to become a ship captain in the future."

Interesting story: "I have been sailing competitively since age nine. I have competed from Canada, down to Florida and out to Minnesota. I went to a sail camp in Florida when I was nine years old and was hooked. My dad was my coach during my younger years. When I was 13, I was invited to join a select team called LOST. My dad spent that summer driving me to the shore for practice from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day. We traveled as a team throughout the US and Canada. Two years ago my best sailing accomplishment occurred when I placed 10th at CORK, Canada out of 150 competitors from around the world. I look forward to sailing for USMMA and competing against other colleges such as Harvard, USNA, USCGA and Boston College.

Best memory: "My best memory at CHS was by far Project X, our one take music video, Working for the Weekend. Pulling off this video was much harder than it appeared on Youtube. The first step was to prove to Mr. Wilson that we were capable. Next, we presented and got approval from Mrs. Llewellyn. We asked her for one hour of time from the entire student body and faculty. My cousin Rachel Ungvarsky and I practiced the route many times before school hours, working out what would happen where and matching the music with our route throughout the school. I was the cameraman and Rachel directed with a bullhorn on the final day. The planning of Project X was top secret. Our TV production class wanted to start a buzz and excitement about what Project X was? We made posters, T-shirts, business cards but nobody knew what it was. The rumors took on a life of their own and were pretty funny. Finally, we announced to the homerooms what we were attempting to pull off on spirit day. The teachers stepped up and truly represented the spirit of CHS. Walking into the gym with the entire student body cheering was a memory I will have for life."


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