Class of 2012: Meet the Valedictorian and Salutatorian

This weekend, Cinnaminson Patch will take a look at some graduating seniors.

Class of 2012 will graduate Monday night. Carolyn Urban is this year's valedictorian and Khushbu Patel is this year's salutatorian. 

Cinnaminson Patch asked the two young women a few questions about their time at CHS and what they are planning to do after graduation.

Carolyn Urban

Accomplishments at CHS: "While at CHS, I have managed to maintain high grades in many honors and AP classes and still found time to devote to clubs and sports.

I was accepted into Cinnamentors, something that I am particularly proud of, and have also been in National Honor Society. I’ve also received the Most Valuable Player award for girls' bowling for having the highest average." 

After graduation plans: "This fall, I will be going to Elizabethtown College and I plan to major in actuarial science. I may also double major in math education." 

Interesting story from high school: "I’ll always remember sophomore year when a lot of students who were in honors chemistry were in the same gym class. Everyone always knew when there was a chemistry test because we would always be talking about it during gym and we would even yell the names of polyatomic ions while playing volleyball. Then, after gym, we would all run up the stairs to chem yelling “Chem test!” It must have been pretty funny to see us on those days. 

Best memory from CHS: "My best memory from CHS is probably Pride Day. On Pride Day, we didn’t have any classes and we just went outside, had fun, and spent time with our classmates. It was great!"


Khushbu Patel

Accomplishments at CHS: "Class of 2012 salutatorian."

After graduation plans: "I am going to major in biomedical engineering in Rutgers School of Engineering Honors Program and continue on into pediatrics."

Interesting story: "When I went for my kindergarten admission test, my parents were told that I would have to be enrolled into a special school because I started crying and wouldn't let my mom go. However, my parents knew that
I could do it and they managed to arrange for a test at home which I passed. Having once been told that i was unprepared for kindergarten, I managed to graduate second in my class."
Best memory from CHS: "The best memory from CHS would be the senior homecoming pep rally. Each grade was dressed in their class color (freshmen-gray, sophomores-red, juniors-white, seniors-black) and it was each grade against the other for the spirit stick. There were games and races in the gym and each grade was cheering for their players."


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