Meet the Candidates: Dolores Woodington

Dolores Woodington is running to retain her seat on the school board.


Three Cinnaminson residents are running unopposed for three open seats on the school board this year. They are incumbents Dolores Woodington and James McGuckin and newcomer Laura Fitzwater. Incumbent Linda Lamb is not seeking another term.

William Conley and Harry Shea pulled their names from consideration by the deadline in September. They had originally filed in June. 

We are bringing you profiles of each school board candidate. Here is the first.

Name: Dolores Woodington

Education: Burlington County College

Profession: Controller/Human Resources for Team Builders Plus in Marlton

Family: Married to Barrie. Two children—Barrie, 22, and Alex, 19, both CHS grads

Volunteer experience:  

CASA—Event Committee

Advisory Council on Women, County of Burlington

Coach—Cinnaminson Girls Softball

Coach—Cinnaminson Girls Soccer

Board Member—Cinnaminson Girls Softball

Elected positions held: 

Cinnaminson School Board

Vice—President-Home and School High School

President and Vice-President—Home & School Middle School

Why did you decide to run? I wanted to be involved with the planning for state evaluation of the district Middle State evaluation at the high school and planning for possible renovations at the high school. Most of all, keep Cinnaminson as one of the best school districts.

Top issues facing Cinnaminson schools: Provide outstanding academic and extra curricular programs within the communities’ ability to pay.

Ric November 02, 2012 at 02:32 PM
Maury, I am happy that you like paying far too much in taxes. I am sure all township employees like people like you. Since you think taxes are too low, how about you also paying mine? My taxes have tripled since 2003. Now if you have nothing important to add, I am going to ignore your useless chatter.
Peggy Payton November 02, 2012 at 10:44 PM
I think the best way to improve the housing market is to maintain excellent schools. Many people have moved to Cinnaminson for our school system. We need to continue to attract homebuyers.
Gentleman Jim November 03, 2012 at 12:27 AM
Mrs. Woodington, best of luck in your efforts through rebuilding Cinnaminson schools. Their service date is well overdue, and renovating/rebuilding is an imminent necessity to keep our town viable. And, with interest rates at rock bottom lows we can't afford not to take on this responsibility.
Ric November 03, 2012 at 02:20 AM
@Peggy. Then why do realtors say they cannot sell homes because of Cinnaminson’s high taxes? Recently a realtor said that on Patch. You need to talk to a good realtor. Your words echo the sentiments of a school district employee or a township employee who is not concerned about high taxes get as long as they get a paycheck. Our high property taxes are not their concern. Yet, even our governor is complaining about the high property taxes. So how high do taxes have to get before you say enough is enough? But if you do not think taxes are high in Cinnaminson, could you please pay my tax bill? We need true fiscal conservatives to run our town.
Ric November 03, 2012 at 02:22 AM
@Gentleman, How do you propose we pay for these renovations and rebuilding? Honestly without cost cutting we cannot afford to take on this responsibility.


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