Cooperstown Team Fundraiser Sunday Features Silpada Jewelry

A Cinnaminson woman is holding a Silpada fundraiser to help the U12 boys travel team held to Cooperstown this summer.


The Cinnaminson U-12 boys travel baseball team is once again trying to make their way to Cooperstown for a summer tournament at Dreams Park.

A Silpada Designs jewelry fundraiser is being held this weekend to help the team offset funds.

Hosted by Michele Peters, and presented by all the team mothers, the event will run from 1 to 3 p.m. Sunday at the Cinnaminson Community Center.

The team needs about $30,000 for the trip, Peters said, for transportation, league fees, uniforms, and more. Peters’ nephew Colin is on the team and when she heard about fundraising, she offered her services.

As a Silpada independent representative, Peters can hold fundraisers herself. Her commission will be donated to the team as well as 25 percent of the retail sold.

More than 250 pieces of jewelry will be on display.

Peters, a Cinnaminson resident, said she “had the opportunity to give back” and took it.

Anyone can attend the event. For those who want more information, email Peters at silvergal925@comcast.net.

You can visit Peters’ website here

Long time resident January 27, 2013 at 04:53 AM
Could some please tell why a baseball team would need to raise $30,000.00 to go to Cooperstown? That just seems a little ridiculous. If you go on Cooperstown's website the fee for the kids/coaches is $850.00 per player which includes uniforms and meals. Where does the rest of the money go?
Len Colfer January 27, 2013 at 01:59 PM
It been something our 12 year old travel program has been doing for years. We have to raise money for league fees, umpire fee, uniforms, helmets, spikes, bat bags, batting gloves etc... We also have 4 tournaments we play in. We get the kids indoor training every week from January til March. Clearly you are a selfish individual that never gives back to the community. I am a long time coach and board member of Cinnaminin baseball. By the way the u uniforms that are supplied in Cooperstown is a one week thing.
Bill O'Connor January 27, 2013 at 04:01 PM
Long time, I have been on the Baseball Board for 20 years. We started this about 8 years ago for our 12 yr. old teams. It is a great opportunity for these young men and their families. The baseball organization doesn't pay for this. The boys and their families do with various fundraisers. Each year the group raises the money that is needed to accommodate the trip. Some of the fundraisers coincide with other charitable causes. While you had the time to go to the Cooperstown website, go look at the article on PATCH about Cooperstown team gives back. I believe all the town's sports programs are self sufficient and take nothing other than field and gym space from township resident's to exist. I also sit and assist with the local football program and asked them recently why they didn't use this site to their advantage to feature and highlight all of their events etc. The answer I got was too many naysayers get on there and are critical no matter what the topic.Then, I see your post. Stop! This township is successful no matter who is in office because of the quality of schools and the efforts of all the various clubs and activities available for our children. My children are grown but I still find the time to support them in anyway that I can. Try it sometimes. It feels good.
Radiohead January 27, 2013 at 05:41 PM
If this group is fundraising then it is really not relevant to Long Term Resident how much money is necessary to raise. That is unless the Long Term Resident wishes to donate to their cause. However, I find the baseball board members adequately address the necessity of the fund raising. It just sounds as if another typical naysayer needs to chime in and create a negative response to such a positive concept. I am sure these boys have worked very hard to get to the point where they are prepared to play at Cooperstown. I also am certain the experience will be wonderful. Sometimes people are blind to the costs involved in fully supporting a team preparing for such a tournament. I say good luck to the boys and their families . Positive experiences like fundraising will teach valuable lessons in future successes. And giving back to the community, as these boys have done for the Ronald McDonald House, is equally important for them to learn much about life . How anyone can start a negative reaction thread on this topic is beyond me. Sour Grapes perhaps ? Or just plain miserable ???


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